Visionaries Using TwinThread's Predictive Platform

Visionaries Using TwinThread's Predictive Platform

Use Case
Published on February 26th, 2020

Key Facts

  • VISION: Provide innovative asset management solutions ensuring customer success today and into the future
  • SOLUTION: Use predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to create a proactive services offering
  • RESULTS: A real-time, full life cycle asset management solution delivering extended battery life, increasing customer sustainability with reduced costs.


A pioneering hyper-scale data center solution provider was seeking innovative ways to leverage more than 20 years of battery operations experience to deliver next-generation solutions and exceptional service across the full lifecycle of critical infrastructure. The company believed they could harness the power of their big data by using predictive analytics to create a pro-active service model and deliver game-changing asset management capabilities to their customers.

A Visionary Approach

This company has seen it all when it comes to battery backup systems, and then strive to use that experience to go beyond - beyond infrastructure, beyond service, beyond analytics, to think big picture, combining cutting edge technologies with their expert teams to deliver best-in-class solutions for maximum uptime and minimum hassle. Most recently they have adopted cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to develop a platform that goes well beyond the industry’s current monitoring system capabilities.

The Challenge

The company supports millions of assets and sensors in battery backup systems. Each provides streams of data that must be processed to predict battery life and appropriately dispatch Field Services to ensure critical systems uptime. The most optimum solution would have these predictions done in real-time, however, the massive amount of data involved had stymied earlier efforts and required manual intervention that made the service reactive rather than proactive. The company hypothesized that they could find a predictive analytics partner that could process their data in real-time despite its scale, allowing them to optimize their predictions, deliver them in real-time and integrate them with dispatch, creating a next-generation proactive asset operating center delivering continuous streaming services to their customers.

The Solution

The data center solution provider teamed with TwinThread, using TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Center to deliver real-time monitoring and predictive analytics on battery life, including replacement cycles, maintenance activities improving and/or extending battery performance, and underlying root causes for battery failure. The solution provider integrated this new capability with its veteran field services group to create a cutting edge proactive asset management optimization center.

The Results

The solution provider drove their vision to reality - evolving from a reactive to proactive services model through creating a state of the art intelligent platform delivering full-cycle predictive asset management capabilities and delivered those services to customers in real-time. The provider’s customers are able to maintain their assets for longer than ever and improve profits while maintaining critical uptime performance. The provider is now working on using the solution to offer capital planning tools to its customers to further extend asset life and profit.