Predictive Operations Platform Pricing
Predictive platform options that match any operational need or goal.
Starter Tier
Starting at $200 per Month
Professional Tier
Starting at $1,000 per Month
Enterprise Tier
Starting at $3,000 per Month
Platform Features
Standard Data Agents
Quick, out-of-the-box connections to all types of industrial data sources
including process historians, PLCs, maintenance databases and IoT devices
Operational Data Store
TwinThread’s base data platform, storing your process, event and alert data
Digital Twin Model
A digital reproduction of a physical asset or piece of equipment that draws on historical data,
allowing your experts to optimize and scale the operation and maintenance of the represented asset(s)
Digital Thread Engine
No-code logical workflows used to automate calculations or implement adaptations to operations or maintenance processes
Web Access
Gain visibility into your data via a desktop / laptop computer
Mobile Access
Gain visibility into your data from anywhere, using your mobile device
Premium Data Agents
TwinThread’s advanced data platform – storing data sourced from complex cloud-based and enterprise-oriented systems
Curated Operational Datasets
Collecting all process, alert and event data to pre-process it – ensuring it’s fit for purpose
and in an optimal state for injection into business analysis tools (such as Power BI and Tableau)
Dedicated Hosting
Deploying TwinThread into a customer’s Azure subscription instead of it being hosted within our own environment –
providing the customer with greater control over data and security practices
Active Directory/SSO Integration
Single sign-on capability paired with identity verification, eliminating the need for managing passwords and security in multiple platforms
Analysis Packs
Reliability Analytics
Empower your domain experts to evaluate an asset’s historical failure
data to uncover trends and hypothesize preventive measures
Quality Analytics
Identify less-than-optimal quality within products and the root causes that facilitated outside-spec production
Production Analytics
Analyze operations and events data, allowing your experts to improve asset performance and production yield
Process Stability Analytics
Empower engineers and problem-solvers to identify variability that
has the potential to cause instability in their current operational methodology
Predictive Applications
Anomaly Detection
Real-time, in-line outside optimal alerting – surfacing variation within a process on an ongoing basis
and learning what normal looks like based on historical data
Predictive Quality
Receive model-driven insight on optimal operating conditions to ensure high-fidelity control over production quality
Predictive Uptime
Advanced warnings of conditions that lead to unplanned downtime, allowing
domain experts to prevent these outcomes and ensure greater asset uptime
Predictive Energy Efficiency
Model-driven insight that empowers engineers to optimize energy consumption on a per-product, per-unit-of-production basis
Predictive Asset Reliability
Accurately informing your asset maintenance cycles with insight that allows
your experts to take a proactive approach – ensuring equipment reliability
Predictive Asset Life
Confidently identify the need for equipment shutdowns or transitions with data insights
that empower your experts to determine when an asset is no longer operationally viable
Development Tools
Development API
Enabling you to develop your own interfaces and build connections between TwinThread and other solutions to speed insight to action
Business Intelligence Gateway
Exposing curated data sets to business intelligence tools such as Power BI and Tableau
Jupyter Notebook Integration
Leverage the power of the TwinThread Model Factory to take the data preparation burden off of your Jupyter Notebook explorations,
allowing your data scientist to build out additional ML capabilities
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